Understanding the Akashic Records Part 2

Many of the modern accounts of Akashic Records come from psychic individuals (regardless of their chosen faiths and sects). By ‘psychic’ we refer to persons who are able to see beyond the physical, three-dimensional aspect of the Universe. This article covers some of the definitions of the Akashic Records according to some notable psychics from all over the world.

The Quintessential Core of All Energies  

According to Helena Blavatsky, a Russian psychic who lived from 1831 to 1891, the Akashic Records are more than just unchanging records of human events. It is creative and dynamic in nature and indeed has a large influence upon present events.

Blavatsky also describes the Akashic Records as being the very core or essence of all types of energy, whether it be physical energy, psychic energy or even spiritual energy. According to her, within the Akashic Records are the very seeds of creation, which are activated by the will of the Divine Spirit.

The Realities in the Spiritual World

Another psychic, Austrian-born Rudolf Steiner (who is a philosopher-educator by trade) claims that the Akasha Records or the “Akasha Chronicles” allow any person to see the origins of all things that have existed on Earth. The origins of all events, things and persons cannot be destroyed by worldly time as we perceive it.

The Akasha Chronicles, according to Steiner, can only be perceived via the spiritual plane or spiritual world. This spiritual world exists regardless of one’s beliefs.

Steiner states that once a person becomes adept in perceiving the Akasha Chronicles, the duality of human cognition comes into play. The perceptive person is no longer trapped in physical reality - he can now see both physical and spiritual realities as they transpire. Spiritual and physical become two sides of a coin we call life.

Steiner also touches upon the concept of history when he talks about the Akashic Records. He says that physical reality only produces transitory history. The Akashic Records provide non-transitory history of all individuals, regardless of time, place and origin. If one wishes to glean wisdom about past events, the Akashic Records is capable of providing the eternal character of these past events.
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