Understanding the Akashic Records Part 1

The Akashic Records (also known as the Heavenly Library or the Book of Life) can be likened to a massive super-computer system of the entire Universe and the entire human race.

The Akashic Records contain every detail of every life that has existed on the earthly plane - and beyond. The Akashic Records contain not just the events that transpired for each person, but also every thought, word and deed. Emotions as well as thoughts (whether rational or not) are also found in the Akashic Records.

What is in the Akashic Records?

When one thinks about it, the Akashic Records is the very memory bank of the human race. But does the function of the Akashic Records end there? Is it simply a slate where the human race inscribes its memories, emotions and thoughts?

Definitely not. The Akashic Records have a powerful sway over the present day. Deeds, emotions and events that transpired in the past have a large bearing on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the present time.

What we have done in the past, as it is recorded by the Akashic Records, determines the probabilities that we attract to our present time. And we’re not just talking about our own lives.

The Akashic Records or the Heavenly Library also binds us to the entire human race - e.g. every human being that has ever existed. The Akashic Records stimulate the creation of myths, symbols and archetypes throughout human history. Without the Akashic Records, human ingenuity, technology and invention would not be possible.

Why are the Akashic Records Important?

But the Akashic Records is not a completely unifying force (in a literal sense). While it is true that the Akashic Records can draw people (or groups of people) together, it can also make people repel one another. The Akashic records is able to accomplish this because it is also the cornerstone of a person’s consciousness - not just waking consciousness but all the other levels of consciousness.

One of the foundational beliefs of the metaphysical universe is the existence of a center. This center has been called by many names - God, Godhead, the Divine, etc. but it is still the center, nonetheless.

It is said that the Akashic Records is part of this center, because it is a component of the Divine Mind. In this light, the Akashic Records are responsible for judging and evaluating each and every individual to make sure that in the end, every individual comes out in his finest form.

This is the reason why the Akashic Records are so important - because once you discover how you can actually interact with a component of the Divine Mind, you will  be able to live a richer and more rewarding life. 

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