On the Nature of the Akashic Records  

The Akashic Records are by no means limited to people who have an in-born or natural psychic ability. Nor is it merely an object of fancy for those who have taken a liking for the occult or supernatural. The Akashic Records exist, whether we like it or not. Often, people are suspicious or extremely skeptical of a concept that immediately involves their lives and life-experiences regardless of one’s belief.

To answer this skepticism, we shall attempt to explore the nature of the Akashic Records and how living breathing beings can actually access these heavenly records without having to practice anything remotely ‘magical’ or ‘supernatural’ - because nothing could be more natural than what preceded physical reality - the spiritual world.

The Two, Life-Changing Benefits of Reading the Akashic Records  

People who are able to access and read the Akashic records have two main advantages. First, they will be able to see every event, deed and memory that they have ever made, which can help them determine their essential and true purpose in life.

Second, the Akashic Records also reveal the forgotten, rooted causes of serious and long-standing strifes and conflicts in one’s life. These two capabilities are possible by accessing the Akashic Records.

These are just two of the benefits from being able to read the Akashic Records.

Gaining Entrance to the Celestial Hall of Records

But the big question now is - how can anyone access the Akashic Records when it is located in the spiritual plane? Surely, not everyone has psychic abilities and not everyone can induce trances and out of body experiences to travel to the heavenly hall of records.

According to many psychics who use the Akashic Records. this spiritual database (we use the term ‘database’ because it is the closest description of what the Akashic Records are) is available to every living being on Earth. It appears that you don’t have to be a psychic or mystic to gain access to the Akashic Records - because everyone can do it to help make their lives better.

One way of being able to access to the Akashic Records is through vibration attunement. Vibration attunement is based on the theory that every human emotion, deed, thought and event requires energy in order to be produced. And this energy inscribes itself on the very fabric of existence (or the Universe). This fabric or skein is part of the Akashic Records. Just as recent events are inscribed upon the skein of the Universe, so are past memories of your present life.

Now, since energy itself is made up of waves or essentially, vibrations, one can gain access to the Akashic Records by being attuned to the vibrations of the Akashic Records.

Once a person has become attuned to the Akashic Records, one will have access to a treasure trove of wisdom and recorded personal histories. The experience can be visual or auditory in nature - it really depends on the person who is accessing the celestial hall of records.

Once you gain access to the Akashic Records, you will also be able to see what your life has become through your deeds and most importantly, your intentions in life. Because in reality, one may think that your actual life is good but some intentions and deeds in the past may have produced an opposite result.

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