The Higher Purpose of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are individual records of humans as they continue their physical existence on Earth. It is not the entire celestial record, nor is it the entire memory of the Divine.

What is the purpose of the Akashic Records, in relation to people like you and me?

The Universe, Energy and the Human Imprint

If you’ve watched the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (either the one produced in the fifties or the one produced in 2008), you would remember the memorable lines said by the alien messenger Klaatu, which goes a little like this: “The Universe doesn’t waste anything... Nothing is truly lost. The Universe merely transforms it.”

We can use this concept to understand what the Akashic Records truly mean for people like you and me. The Universe is all-encompassing and does not know how to waste anything that has ever occurred in its fold.

Human events, deeds and emotions are not completely lost - because the energy used to produce these activities leaves an imprint on the skein or surface of the Universe’s fabric. These imprints or records make up the one’s Akashic Record.

Interpreting the Akashic Records

Once a person becomes attuned to the Akashic Records, it is also possible to misinterpret what lies in the celestial records. To avoid this, one must approach the Akashic Records with pure, selfless intent.

If you wish to help your family overcome adversity, then the intent is pure and is aimed at helping other people - not just yourself. Otherwise, negative drives like greed or hatred can make interpretation that much more difficult because these negative drives can mask the essential truths that the Akashic Records have to offer.

The most important function of the Akashic Records is to help you grow as a free spirit and individual. In the spiritual and physical planes, individual growth is the main goal of every life-experience and adversity. As one grows with wisdom and experiences, one also transforms and comes that much closer to spiritual enlightenment.

Tracing Man’s Existence

If you wish to access the Akashic Records for your own personal growth and enlightenment, it would be helpful if you understood the essential duality of man’s existence. From the point of view of the Akashic Records, every person has a spiritual and physical existence. The physical existence does not give rise to spiritual existence.

In fact, physical existence would not be possible with the spirit in the first place. According to the contemporary cosmology associated with the Akashic Records, the Universe has order and is not chaotic at its very core. This being the case, the world and its inhabitants were not created out of pure chance, but rather, for a reason. It is believed that every person was fated to grow and transform to become a companion of the Divine.

This is important, because what we are trying to say here is that our physical existence is by no means our primary or most important form of existence.

The world as we know it is merely a transitory plane where we must grow and learn to prepare ourselves for a higher plane of existence. We are essentially spiritual entities or beings that pass through a physical plane. We are on the physical plane mainly grow and experience the beauty of the world - through good and bad experiences.

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