Edgar Cayce’s Interpretation of the Akashic Records 

Edgar Cayce is one of world’s most popular contemporary psychics. He is known best for his ability to produce answers for seemingly impossible or improbable questions, such as a person’s health condition or the location of mythic places.

Cayce is able to do this by going into a trance state (self-induced). He too believed in the existence of the Akashic Records and was able to use the Heavenly Library to carry out specific readings for people. He calls the Akashic Records the reservoir of heavenly memories.

Cayce’s Journey to the Akashic Records

Edgar Cayce wrote countless accounts of his journeys to the Heavenly Library. The following is a summary of his first-hand account of how he is able to access and use the Akashic Records during psychic readings:

Phase 1. First, 
Edgar Cayce would induce an O.B.E. or out of body experience. From his statements, it appears that he is engaging in astral travel, because he sees himself as a tiny dot that actually leaves his physical body behind.

Phase 2. As he leaves his physical body, 
Edgar Cayce begins to travel (presumably in the astral plane) and darkness begins to shroud him, signaling that he is indeed moving through spiritual space. It is during this time, he says, that he begins to feel very alone. E.C.’s awareness is immense during these O.B.E.s.

Phase 3. Suddenly, his detached self becomes aware of a beam of light in the distance.

Phase 4. He follows the beam of light and it leads him to a space where several levels of existence are present. The first level, according to Cayce, is inhabited by ghastly shapes that one usually finds in nightmares. The second level of existence is inhabited by deformed human beings with irregularly sized body parts. After the second level, he sees hooded beings coming closer and closer to him. Gray in color, these shrouded entities seem to be guarding the Akashic Records.

Phase 5. As Cayce passes the gray, shrouded entities, other beings come into the picture, but these beings have robes that are lighter and less ominous than the first group’s robes. The direction of the beam of light changes, it moves upward and the path of the beam of light is guarded by robed beings with increasingly lighter and lighter colored robes.

Phase 6. Cayce finally finds himself in a plane where there are trees and houses - normal things that we find in living reality. Yet there is no movement or obvious signs of life in this plane - just structures, colors and images that we can say that came from our physical reality. Sound gradually begins to form in this plane of existence (Cayce says that the sounds are quite pleasant to the ears).

Phase 7. He arrives at what he calls the hall of records. The hall of records is not bound structurally - there are no visible floors, walls or even a roof. But this plane is a hall of records, nonetheless. Cayce states that he becomes aware of the presence of an old man that hands him a book - an Akashic Record - of the person for whom he is performing the psychic reading for.

The Reading  

From this point onward, Edgar Cayce states in the physical plane (or in our reality) that he now has the records of the person and begins an enlightened psychic reading using the information that he is able to glean from the Akashic Records. Cayce then proceeds to select which parts of the Akashic Records would be most helpful for the present psychic reading. 

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