The Higher Purpose of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are individual records of humans as they continue their physical existence on Earth. It is not the entire celestial record, nor is it the entire memory of the Divine.

What is the purpose of the Akashic Records, in relation to people like you and me?

The Universe, Energy and the Human Imprint

If you’ve watched the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (either the one produced in the fifties or the one produced in 2008), you would remember the memorable lines said by the alien messenger Klaatu, which goes a little like this: “The Universe doesn’t waste anything... Nothing is truly lost. The Universe merely transforms it.”

We can use this concept to understand what the Akashic Records truly mean for people like you and me. The Universe is all-encompassing and does not know how to waste anything that has ever occurred in its fold.

Human events, deeds and emotions are not completely lost - because the energy used to produce these activities leaves an imprint on the skein or surface of the Universe’s fabric. These imprints or records make up the one’s Akashic Record.

The Akashic Records and the Human Spirit 

The Akashic Records would only make sense if you understood the ‘reason for being’ of human life itself. The Akashic Records confirm the existence of a ‘center’ in the broadest meaning of the world.

Something holds together everything else - and according to the Holy Scripture, it is God that is at the very center of the universe and the creation of life. Beings like us were created in the image of God (see the Book of Genesis, if you wish) - and no matter how we look at it, our spiritual existence has precedence over our physical existence.

Free Will

It is vital that we go back to the earliest records of human history because it is in these essential scriptures do we find the truth that has been lost in modern times. Before one can correctly interpret the Akashic Records, one must be aware that every spirit has been created for a purpose but that does not mean that the human spirit is devoid of free will. This is farthest from the truth.

In fact, the very first gift that God had given every human spirit was free will. Free will is the ability of the human spirit to grow and transform itself as it sees fit. This liberty in the spiritual sense is also called spiritual expression. The concept of ‘finding one’s self’ is perfect to describe the free will bestowed upon every human spirit that has ever existed.

Transformation & Unification

What happens after free will has been bestowed upon the human spirit? The spirit must know go through life itself, which is essentially a world full of experiences and most importantly, choices. The concept of free will is tied integrally to making choices.

One’s personal choices in life are not made in a vacuum. One cannot say that one choice made ten years ago did not affect one’s present reality. Every choice leads to another situation that requires yet another choice, which then produces another event that requires another decision, and so on.

While often difficult, this life full of choices is what allows individual beings to remain free beings who are capable of expressing themselves as they see fit.

Our spiritual self has a dualistic nature - we are distinct entities from God but we are still part of God regardless of our distinctness. This distinctness is only possible because of free will.

As the human spirit transforms with the help of worldly experiences and choices, it comes closer and closer to the ultimate goal of being reunited with God.

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